A smartwatch that’s personal enough to wear and feel like jewelry

WIMM One is a luxurious wristband computer that helps overcome the preconception that a wearable computer cannot be seen in the same light as fine modern timepieces. Paired with a smartphone, WIMM One surfaces bite-sized information and content, along with a suite of useful Android apps designed for quick and casual interactions and simple yes/no-style inputs.

2012 IDEA
Product Finalist

2012 Good Design

Our challenge was to complement this functionality with a design for a fully integrated wristband and module that could compete with the elegance of high-end luxury watches in a modern and fresh way. With a machined and brushed black anodized aluminum housing, WIMM One’s modular design allows the unit to be combined with multiple bands and frames, making a wearable computer as desirable as a modern timepiece.