Williams-Sonoma Smart Thermometer

Taking the guesswork out of getting everything to the table on time

Working in tandem with its companion iOS application, the Smart Thermometer brings Williams-Sonoma’s 50+ years of cooking expertise into the emerging territory of smart devices.  Ammunition provided service design, industrial design, interaction design to create a simple and useful tool for keeping track of temperature, cooking progress and timing for single items or multi-course meals.



Ammunition worked in close partnership with Williams-Sonoma’s product team to create a Wi-Fi enabled digital thermometer that heightens the sense of control, confidence, and enjoyment of the cooking process. The sleek industrial design of the thermometer’s base unit makes it beautiful enough to want to leave out on the counter, with a clever storage system for the probe that keeps it carefully hidden and protected.


The Smart Thermometer’s iOS app connects to iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to track the internal temperature of food as it cooks. It anticipates cooking time that remains and sends updates to the user’s phone so they don’t have to be tied to the kitchen. The app is ideal for complicated meals with multiple cook times, and lets users schedule start times for side dishes using custom alerts. Chefs can share meal successes via Facebook or Twitter right from the app, and store notes to be able to recreate dishes.