Friendship makes getting fit more fun

Teemo’s goal is to bring “fitness fun with friends” to the large, stressed-out, and underserved portion of the population who want to exercise, but don’t. Conceived, funded, designed, developed and launched by Ammunition in partnership with Bonnier R&D, Teemo is a fitness adventure game that combines proven training techniques, social connection, and entertaining adventures to help small groups of friends get and stay moving. From an interaction design perspective, Teemo is above all an experiment in moving beyond conventional (often cynical) approaches to gamification and social computing.

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2013 Red Dot

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2013 IxDA

From the start, the project team set its sights on providing something less stressful than points schemes, leaderboards, peer pressure, lifelogging, and self-quantification. Ultimately, the product takes inspiration from the notion that the greatest source of happiness and motivation is caring, stable, and supportive connections to close family and friends. Teemo’s big idea is so simple, it’s a bit radical: Getting together with friends to have fun in ways that also happen to increase overall fitness.

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