Pay. Get Paid. Get Personal.

Square is at the forefront of simplifying the experience of buying and selling. To help independent businesses build better relationships with their customers at 
the point of sale, Square worked with Ammunition to reimagine the cash register with the design of the Square Stand. We collaborated on the hardware design and out-of-box experience to create the ultimate “business in a box.”


Ammunition also designed the new Square Reader, a wireless card reader designed
 to give customers a simple, fast, and secure payment experience.


Built around simplicity, the industrial design of the stand means it can quickly and elegantly transform an iPad into a complete point of sale in a matter of minutes. It rotates 180 degrees so that customers can easily view and sign for purchases on the iPad, making transactions more transparent. The stand has an iconic “rounded square” shape that immediately communicates Square’s brand identity, and its compact footprint means it can fit into even the smallest of retail spaces. The integrated card reader lets merchants easily and securely swipe cards, or swivel the stand so the customer can swipe on their own.

Thinner and more accurate, the new Square Reader can be easily used in shops or by mobile businesses as part of their countertop point of sale, or slipped into a pocket to accept payments on the go.