Bringing luxury home automation to house proud consumers

With over a decade of experience creating automation systems for many of the most amazing and luxurious homes in the world, Savant understands how to place control, customization and ease into the hands of discerning (and demanding) customers.

In order to bring their luxury custom market expertise to the broader world of modern “house proud” consumers, Savant worked with Ammunition to create a suite of products and services that redefine the category through beautiful design, straightforward set-up, and enjoyably simple use.


Despite the proliferation of smart home devices, very few work well together as uncomplicated ensembles. Starting with the Savant Remote, Host, Blaster and Lamp Controller, Ammunition defined the industrial designs and experience strategy that bring ease and personalization to Savant’s new family of devices and services.

Going far beyond traditional or universal remotes, the Savant Remote lets users control all their devices—from Nest or Sonos to lights or Apple TV—from one central, beautiful place. Taking the familiar remote form factor to a new level, Ammunition created a simple yet powerful interface, reducing the number of buttons with a high-resolution touch screen that elevates additional controls when necessary. To create an experience that is natural and easy, users can also interact with the remote via voice command, setting preferences to be able to cue up a relaxing playlist, dim the lights for movie night, or turn off all devices with just one word.

The Savant Host is the hub for the Savant experience. Designed to be seen rather than stored away in a cabinet, the Host has an iconic, sculptural look and a unique form factor unlike any other product in the category. With premium finishes and rich material combinations, the overall design language of the product family signals the quality and expertise that Savant brings to the market, and gives the brand name the power to differentiate the system for a new audience.

Brand Identity

The Savant visual identity was crafted to bring distinction and feeling into a homogenous product category largely dominated by either “overly technical” or “predictably approachable” brands.

The foundation of the identity is a custom word mark that blends both classic serif styles with contemporary sans serif elements, reflecting Savant’s position in the luxury home automation market. The word mark was drawn in multiple sizes to achieve optimal reproduction whether molded into products, or adorning trade show booths.

Ammunition developed the detailed look and feel of the brand’s visual and verbal elements, and codified this into comprehensive guidelines. Working alongside the Savant team, the elements of the system were extended across the spectrum of Savant’s communications, from physical to digital.


As this is the first time that Savant products will be available for purchase at retailers, a thoughtful translation of the luxury that Savant is known for needed to be reflected in the user experience of the packaging. The packaging exterior showcases the products in pedestal-like settings, evoking the qualities of both rooms and museum showcases—like works of art. All details, from the way the product features are illustrated to guidance in setting up the products, were carefully designed to create the optimal experience for customers.