Credit powered by people

Conceived as a practical alternative to conventional consumer credit cards and often-predatory payday lenders, Puddle is a service that enables people to pool their funds together and create a rotating line of credit for themselves.


Ammunition partnered with Puddle to design a service, interface, and brand identity that delivers on the promise of a more empowering and fair kind of credit.

Interface + Interaction

Getting started on Puddle is simple and fast: after logging in using Facebook, people can contribute, start building their trust networks and access up to five times their contribution. Puddle is focused on the user and their money, so it’s always clear to them how much they have available to borrow, and who is in their trust network. And because Puddle is about people coming together to create credit for themselves, it was important to design a product experience that reinforces how individuals are part of a mutually supportive community that amplifies their potential. The web application is designed to be responsive, making it easy for Puddle users to engage with the site on mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Brand Identity

Our design for the Puddle logotype was based on the idea of cadence — inspired by the rhythmic sequence of ripples that emanate from a single drop of water. A contemporary serif typeface was redrawn to create a pleasant “flow” along the underside of the name. We specified orange as the primary brand color to differentiate Puddle within the typically conservative financial services space, and to amplify a sense of warmth, vitality and optimism.

Service Design

Community finance – individuals agreeing to join forces in order to save and borrow together – dates back more than 2,000 years. Puddle’s founders knew firsthand how powerful it could be in offline settings and were looking to extend the model to online communities.

Ammunition worked alongside the Puddle team to define a service that could bring this ancient form of banking to the online communities who could use it most. Through an extensive series of live prototyping, user testing and user interview cycles, our team was able to define an overarching set of design principles, user role definitions and interaction concepts for orchestrating how people could collaborate for mutual benefit using Puddle. The service is designed to encourage and reinforce principles of personal accountability, collaboration, forethought, and sustaining trust.