Polaroid Snap

Creating instant photographs you can hold in your hand

The Polaroid Snap is a pocket-sized instant digital camera printer inspired by the simplicity and spontaneity synonymous with the Polaroid brand. Ammunition created a clean, minimal design language for the Polaroid Snap that honors the classic Polaroid OneStep in a fresh, modern way.


With the Polaroid Snap, we set out to build a simple, beautiful printing camera that delivers the original, highly social Polaroid “one snap, one print” experience. We distilled the design to evoke a classic camera icon and proportion with a centered lens, magnetic lens cap, and pop up viewfinder—details that offer a thoughtful sense of physical interaction and playfulness. The camera comes in color choices of white, blue, red and black, each with the classic Polaroid rainbow stripe detail, creating a sense of continuity between early original Polaroid cameras and current Polaroid products such as the Ammunition-designed Polaroid Zip and Polaroid Cube.

A compact size was a key factor in designing the Polaroid Snap, and considerable effort was put into designing one of the smallest integrated camera printers on the market. To do this, we re-architected the interior of the camera, packaging components as tightly as possible to create a slimmer profile, while at the same time extending battery life.

To operate the Polaroid Snap, we created a unique and intuitive modal user interface that lets the user easily choose between three different capture modes—color, black and white, and vintage Polaroid, and choose the iconic Polaroid border if desired. The camera also has a photo booth mode, which takes six quick pictures in succession in ten seconds. In addition to letting users instantly print full color, 2×3” photos, the Polaroid Snap has a Micro SD card slot that holds up to 32GB to save and easily transfer images to a computer.