Polaroid Grey Label

Helping fans play the part of pop icon

Grey Label is a line of cameras created through a collaboration between Lady Gaga, Polaroid, and Ammunition. Each product was designed with the idea that creativity and sharing go hand in hand in both the digital and physical world. From an industrial and interaction design perspective, the Ammunition team worked to create desirable and usable products that combine the instant physical experience of classic Polaroid photography and the fashion-forward vision of the artist’s signature musical and performance style.


Grey Label‘s goals are to inspire people to embrace self-expression, originality, and artistry and provide tools for instant expression. Grey Label launched with three products including the GL20 Camera Glasses, GL30 Instant Digital Camera, and GL10 Instant Mobile Printer. The glasses are designed to add both a social media and live performance dimension to photography by enabling the wearer to capture photos and videos, post them online, and immediately display them outwardly on the eyeglass lenses.