Polaroid Zip

Bringing the magic of instant printing to the mobile age

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Polaroid, Ammunition designed the Polaroid Zip, a wireless mobile printer that brings the fun of instant printing to a new generation. With its portable one-button design, the Polaroid Zip lets users easily print photos directly from their smartphone or tablet.


Designed to go anywhere, the Zip is one of the smallest and lightest mobile printers on the market, weighing in at just .41lbs. Its rounded surfaces and glossy treatment make it easy to slip into a pocket, while providing solid grip to the hand. The Zip’s simple, clean design features Polaroid’s iconic rainbow stripes, and with just one button–it’s incredibly simple to use.

The Zip connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth or NFC and works with a free app that lets users edit and print photos in just a few seconds. It prints 2×3” full-color, smudge-proof photos with a sticky back for extra fun. With an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Zip can print up to 25 photos on a single charge.