Polaroid Cube

A tiny camera that’s remaking an instant photography icon


To help Polaroid reclaim its rich design heritage, Ammunition designed the new Polaroid Cube, a rugged, rubberized 35-mm cube-shaped action camera that represents a new icon, one that appeals to a younger, more active audience. The highly portable shape and one-button design invite impromptu use, harkening back to the early days of Polaroid’s first instant cameras. Ammunition designed the product, packaging, and a full line of accessories that add to the fun and the function of the product.


Belying its small size, the Polaroid Cube competes with higher-end action cameras thanks to features like a 120-degree wide angle lens that captures HD video at 1080 or 720p and still images at 6 mp, a built-in microphone, and 2GB in internal memory. With magnets on the top and bottom, it's designed to be stackable. By popping two or more on a helmet, skateboard or any other metal surface, users can capture multiple angles for photos or video. The Polaroid Cube is also weatherproof, making it the perfect companion for all kinds of adventures. 


To expand the range of what the Polaroid Cube can do, we designed a range of versatile accessories and mounts. The full line includes a Monkey Stand, Bicycle Mount, Helmet Mount, Strap Mount, Bumper Case, Tripod Mount, Waterproof Case, and Suction Mount, ensuring that users can capture life’s action wherever and whenever it happens.