Octovo x Tilley Surfboards

Handcrafted tools for the ocean’s
wild edge

Developed as one of a series of special collaborations for the Octovo travel products brand, Ammunition worked alongside master surfboard builder Jason Tilley to design and build a limited collection of boards and custom tailored carrying bags. The series includes five individual board shapes built using Tilley’s method of combining custom milled wooden skins and components with hand-shaped foam. The collaboration was intended as a creative expression of Octovo’s mission to provide “Beautiful tools for connected travelers.”


Because we wanted the boards to represent Octovo’s commitment to beautiful travel tools, we worked with Tilley to test and select a range of board shapes that could be useful in the many types of environments and conditions a surfing traveler is likely to encounter. In keeping with Tilley’s low-impact, locally sourced practices, we specified the Port Orford Cedar found in his hometown on the remote Oregon coast. And in addition to creating graphic and paint schemes for each board, we designed and oversaw casting of a range of custom leash cups made of bronze or titanium.

Board Bags

Octovo products are satisfying, lasting and beautiful travel tools, so it was natural to bring this ethos to bags that would be worthy of the boards. Custom tailored and balanced for each board, the bags are made from durable, UV resistant Sunbrella and lined with a combination of waterproof, breathable, shock resistant and temperature insulating materials. The bags feature durable RiRi zippers, leather-covers at the nose and tail, comfortable leather handles and padded shoulder straps paired with titanium D-rings.  An oversized exterior pocket was also added to provide storage.


The core of each board is made from a hand cut and shaped blank. The deck and bottom skins are custom milled from solid wood between 1/8″ and 1/16″ depending on wood species and board shape. Skins are then bonded to the blank, resulting in an unusually strong composite sandwich. Solid wood noses, tail blocks and rail are also added to prevent the damage that commonly plagues these areas. The resulting boards do not dent or pressure ding like conventional boards.


Tilley takes his world and puts it into surfboards.  He builds his boards with the Port Orford Cedar native to his home town on the Oregon coast. He shapes for himself and his neighbors – local watermen devoted to mastering the area’s remote and chilling surf breaks. And he designs and crafts everything about twenty feet away from where he and his family sleep at night.