Obi Worldphone

Beautifully designed smartphones for the world’s fastest growing markets

Ammunition works in partnership with Obi Worldphone to bring beautiful, high quality smartphones to consumers in rising markets around the world.


In the markets Obi serves, smartphones are central to the lives and aspirations of young people. Obi’s mission is to go beyond the expectations of these consumers in a new way, giving them an experience that is rich, personal and elevated. Ammunition worked in close collaboration with Obi to create and bring to market the Obi Worldphone SF1, SJ1.5 and MV1, three new smartphones that combine exceptional attention to detail and leading-edge technology with great customer value.


Ammunition and Obi set out to make phones that people feel are worth owning—with no compromises on quality, materials or specifications. Ammunition led the process from initial concepts through to manufacturing to achieve the highest level of design and identify the best way to achieve price points that makes sense for younger consumers. The result is an iconic design language that overturns the misconception that great design has to come at a high price.

Obi’s flagship SF1 4G/LTE smartphone has a raised 5-inch display screen made of durable Gorilla Glass 4–an instantly recognizable signature element that emphasizes the interplay of the hardware with the UI. SF1’s premium feel comes from its glass-reinforced body and metal accents at the top and bottom of the phone. SF1 has features that rival smartphones at the high end of the market including a long-life, quick-charge battery, a powerful processor, a 13-megapixel camera, and surround sound.

The 3G SJ1.5 smartphone features an asymmetrical design, with a crisp, squared-off top and a curved bottom that gives it a distinctive silhouette. The screen is made from 2.5D curved scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3 built flush with the body of the phone to give it a seamless feel in the hand. SJ1.5 offers unique color and accent options, taking a more expressive approach.

The MV1 is a 4G/LTE device with rounded corners at the bottom and a chiseled top that represents a combination of simple form, iconic outline and resolved details that make it an object to be desired. Featuring Obi’s signature elevated screen made of Gorilla Glass 3, the MV1 has an architectural quality that lends it lightness, without robbing it of substance.


Ammunition created Obi Lifespeed, a custom Android user interface for SF1 and SJ1.5 that echoes the quality of the industrial design. Appealing to younger, highly social consumers, Lifespeed features bright, energetic colors, contemporary typography and custom icons that are simple yet expressive. We created a signature unlock screen and custom icons, wallpapers, and interactions that give the UI its own voice. The Lifespeed experience heralds something new but functional, setting Obi apart in the crowded and commoditized smartphone space.


Obi Worldphone is mainly distributed via smaller retailers, with many in remote locations that don’t allow for elaborate displays or direct interaction with the phones themselves. We developed packaging that serves as its own display case, showcasing SF1 and SJ1.5 using transparent materials so consumers can easily see each product’s striking industrial design. The packaging reflects the premium experience of the products themselves, and with its simple, elegant design, users can go from opening the box to holding the phone in just a few quick steps.


Ammunition created a signature look, feel and sound for Obi that sets it apart from other smartphone brands. We developed a bold photography style that uniquely communicates the soul of the Obi brand, steering away from predictable environments and people using phones in generic situations. Instead, the spirited, youthful portraiture with an Obi red background conveys an upbeat, conversational, concise and active tone.

SF1 and SJ1.5 will be available in 50 to 70 high-growth countries by 2017. To create consistency with branding, advertising and messaging across so many diverse markets, Ammunition created an Obi Brand Guide that gives retailers and distributors the tools and messaging they need bring the brand to life at a local level.