Bringing insurance and assurance to the way we care for pets

In the U.S., fewer than 2% of pet owners have pet insurance. Despite its many benefits, pet insurance isn’t usually top of mind, and many pet owners don’t know how to go about getting it. Nuzzle partnered with Ammunition to design a clear and simple insurance offering and the Nuzzle Collar, a useful, easy-to-use pet tracker. Together with the Nuzzle app, they provide a convenient way for pet owners to stay connected to and better care for their animal friends.


Lightweight, durable and waterproof, the Nuzzle Collar is designed to be easy for pet owners to use, and comfortable for pets to wear. The collar works with nationwide cellular GPS so owners can get real-time location tracking should their pet get lost. To ensure continuous tracking, the collar comes with two rechargeable and removable batteries that can be swapped in and out, so there’s no need to remove the collar. For pet owners who prefer to use their own collar or harness, Nuzzle also comes with a simple attachment piece for the tracker. The collar has built-in features that can warn owners if there is a strong impact to the collar or if their pet develops a fever.

Interface + Interaction

The Nuzzle app is designed to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners. It keeps “pet parents” informed of what their pet is up to throughout the day by communicating with the Nuzzle Collar to track the pet’s location and activity level — and alerts them if their pet roams beyond its designated home space. The pet profile feature of the app provides one convenient location to record and access the pet’s vital information and overall health.

A powerful complement to the monitoring functions, the app also delivers additional protection through streamlined access to customized pet insurance. Nuzzle offers policy quoting and the ability to purchase pet insurance directly within the app. This simplified design facilitates the whole process – right down to being able to check claims status and policy features.

Brand Identity

The Nuzzle brand identity symbolizes the affection that everyone has for their pets. The word mark features a monogram of two letter N’s nuzzling together, with the overall rounded styling of the typography conveying playfulness. The mark was designed so that the N monogram echoes the double Z within the word mark, giving it the ability to work both vertically and horizontally. This useful consideration is especially important on-product where it may be seen from different angles. We specified the orange and purple gradient as the primary color scheme to create a sense of vitality and tranquility.