Nascent Objects

Accelerating the journey from concept to consumer

Nascent Objects is a modular consumer electronics creation platform and marketplace. By combining CAD tools, 3D printing, circuitry and a library of electronic component modules, the platform helps creators take their consumer electronics ideas from concept to finished, market-ready products in a matter of days.


Ammunition worked alongside Nascent Objects to test and refine the system, design the library of reusable component modules, and create finished pilot products using the platform. Ammunition also created a brand identity and packaging system for the company.


Conceived and designed by Ammunition, Droppler is the first product built using the Nascent Objects platform. With a simple, unobtrusive design, Droppler is a countertop water use monitor that helps people understand and adjust their daily water use habits. Droppler’s simple illuminated display provides immediate visual feedback on water use, helping people stay within daily water use goals.

Unlike most water monitoring tools, Droppler doesn’t need to be integrated directly with plumbing, making it easy to set up and use. Droppler has a powerful sensor and processer that uses the sound of flowing water to detect consumption. By connecting with the Droppler app, users can further analyze their water use, set goals, and track progress.

And when water conservation becomes second nature, consumers can reuse the speaker, light, and processor component modules in other products created using Nascent Objects. Additional Nascent products designed by Ammunition include CouCou, a birdhouse with an embedded motion sensor and camera to capture new inhabitants, and Head of Security, a smart home monitoring camera housed in a 3D printed sculptural bear head.

Brand Identity

The Nascent logotype was based on the idea of modularity and creativity. The colon preceding the word Nascent implies an open vessel for product ideas and invention. The typography presents a friendly yet neutral aesthetic, which allows for maximum legibility when combined with co-branded Nascent products.


Droppler’s packaging was designed to highlight key aspects of the product, while showcasing the modularity, simplicity, and sustainability that Nascent Objects stands for. With a combination of raw cardboard, clean interior details and reduced graphics, the packaging has a crafted, yet modern feel.

Instead of a fully assembled product, the packaging has two main components when opened, inviting the consumer to assemble Droppler on their own. The interior layout guides the user through the various layers of components, thoughtfully introducing Nascent’s modular world of consumer electronics and the product possibilities it presents.