A brand identity that lives and breathes

Mesosphere is developing an operating system for data centers that makes interacting with 10,000 computers as seamless as interacting with a smartphone. Ammunition worked with the startup to develop a meaningful brand identity that expresses the forward thinking and dynamic nature of Mesosphere’s technology.


Identities in the big data and cloud computing space tend to feel like companies of the past rather than the technologies and solutions of the future. With Mesosphere’s elastic data center operating system rooted in pioneering code, Ammunition’s approach was to design an identity that could evolve and change, and that was itself born of code.


Brand Identity

The team harnessed the power of open-source programming languages to generate an “M” monogram and its five vertices. These vertices were connected, repositioned, and manipulated to create a virtually endless gallery of shapes that can be used in different applications, proving individuality alongside recognizability. Color inspiration came from the earth’s actual mesosphere, where cool and warm colors blend together in magnificent gradients. These gradients were then programmed into the changing shapes. A fresh logotype, based on the Lineto font Brown, was selected because of its geometry. In use, the symbols are aligned with the “o” in “mesosphere.”