Lyft Glowstache

Taking the pink mustache to the next level

Ammunition and Lyft worked together to design and develop a new, functional version of the ridesharing service’s quirky and iconic symbol. With the design of Glowstache, our goal was to evolve the fun symbol into an extra-useful tool for meeting the needs of Lyft drivers and passengers. In addition to creating a new role for the symbol, the sculptural pop-art feel of Glowstache still sparks the unexpected delight and magic people expect from the Lyft experience.


While the original, shaggy moustache set a fun, approachable tone for the start-up, it presented a number of problems for Lyft drivers. It was cumbersome to mount and dismount, hard to keep clean, and difficult to see at night. In response, we developed a compact, illuminated mustache that attaches magnetically to a base mounted to the dash with a non-permanent stick adhesive. The design makes it simple and fast for drivers to take Glowstache on and off. Manufactured in durable materials, Glowstache is easy to clean, and unlike its furry predecessor, will age without fading. Thanks to its distinctive neon magenta light, Glowstache is highly visible at night. By pressing the button on the back of the Glowstache, drivers can make its light pulse to alert waiting passengers. The button also has a glowing ring that lets the driver know when to recharge the device via USB.


The packaging design for Glowstache gave us an opportunity to extend the fun of the product with drivers, and reward them for being a part of Lyft. To make the Glowstache feel more like a gift for drivers, we started with a triangular shaped shipping box that instantly sets it apart. The box opens to reveal a branded tube that protects Glowstache during shipping, but can also be reused for storage or as a carrying case. Inside the lid of the tube is a cleaning wipe and a quick-start guide. Glowstache is encased in foam that keeps it secure, and neatly houses the magnetic base and USB charging cable below.