Lyft Amp

Light it up.

As part of an ongoing partnership, we work with Lyft to create in-car icons that bring a little magic to every ride. Drivers and passengers told Lyft that the last 50 feet of a pickup often creates the biggest challenge. Amp solves this problem—it’s a connected device that goes beyond the Glowstache to add functionality, instant brand recognition, and even more fun. It lets Lyft show off its fresh, irreverent brand personality and create a better, more personalized experience for drivers and passengers.


Amp’s magic comes from its lighting, with a pill-shaped form factor that maximizes the effect of LEDs on both exterior and interior facing screens. The Lyft logo is front and center against a subtle magenta animation on the exterior facing screen to make it easy to spot a Lyft car day or night. Pickups are more seamless thanks to a beaconing feature in the Lyft app that triggers Amp to change color as drivers pull up, signaling passengers with the same hue in the app on their phone.

Amp’s design lets Lyft further customize the experience to make each ride feel more personal and friendly. The interior screen greets drivers by name as they sign on, and passengers when they enter the vehicle. The exterior screen adds to the personalization with custom colors around holidays or special events tailored to different markets.

Amp is meant to make the driver’s job as easy as possible. Set up takes only seconds as Amp attaches magnetically to a base that mounts to the dash with a non-permanent sticky adhesive. Charged via USB, Amp’s battery lasts up to 8 hours. Its portable size means Amp can be stored in a glove compartment when not in use.