Smart, simple products for making home safe and sound

Ammunition works in partnership with Leeo to create smart, easy-to-understand home awareness products and services. The products are designed to create practical, commonsense value for people in ways that don’t insist we rethink how we live or require dramatic investments in new home infrastructure.


The first in a family of products, the Leeo Smart Alert monitors a home’s existing smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and alerts users when they sound. In addition to receiving an alert, users can listen in on what’s happening back home and easily take action to alert the emergency services near their home. Simple and easy-to-use, the product works by plugging it into a power outlet and pairing it with the free Leeo app.


The Leeo Smart Alert takes the form of a modern nightlight. In addition to providing the perfect home for the product’s components, it’s also a familiar symbol for the kind of comfort and confidence we want people to feel at home.

Users can adjust the brightness of the light using the Leeo app, or they can manually turn the ring on the front of the device –a little analog touch that gives more immediate control. The modern, clean form of the nightlight means that the product can fit in any room and complement virtually any style of home décor.

Interface + Interaction

Deceptively simple and straightforward, the Leeo app is designed to alert users to activated smoke or CO alarms, and help them contact emergency services. When users receive an alert, they are presented with an option to listen to the alarm and dial their local emergency services from within the app. If the user does not respond to a push notification or phone calls, the app will then alert contacts chosen by the user – friends, family and neighbors ­– to notify authorities or emergency services on the user’s behalf.

In addition to hearing alarms, the device detects room temperature and humidity, allowing users to monitor the climate. The app can be customized to recognize preset ranges for these readings and trigger alerts when they exceed designated thresholds. The app also gives the option to choose from 16 million different light colors.

Identity + Packaging

Ammunition created a brand identity for Leeo designed to convey the new company’s purpose and character to both business and consumer audiences. At the center of Leeo’s identity system is the “tangram lion” logo – a symbol of balance, wisdom, strength and protection.


The design of the Leeo Smart Alert packaging and out-of-box experience quickly conveys the product concept and benefits on the outside, while what’s on the inside helps Leeo customers move quickly and easily into their first use of the product.