Mastering everyday health challenges through wearable tech

Way more than an exercise, diet and sleep tracker, Larklife provides personalized, science-based coaching to help people master everyday health challenges. Designed in partnership with Lark and their team of health and behavior experts, Ammunition worked across interaction, industrial, identity, and service design to make Larklife a useful, usable and elegant reality.

2013 IDEA
Product Finalist

2013 IDEA
Digital Finalist

While tracking devices are great for gathering data or keeping score, monitoring is not enough when it comes to the hard work of gaining and maintaining better health. Larklife combines daytime and nighttime tracking bands with a coaching app that delivers expert feedback throughout the day. The daytime band is a simple, durable form made of pliant rubber and features a LED display, push-button input, and vibrating alarm designed to provide simple, “screen-less” interaction with the Larklife app.


Larklife’s app interface represents both time and activities in an actionable, icon-based timeline, and works in tandem with the band’s visual and tactile interface features to gently guide users towards better health.

Brand Identity

The foundation of the branding solution is the larklife wordmark, which cleverly integrates a bird and branch symbol within the letter “k.” This, combined with the vibrant color palette of the app, simple bold graphics, and clean icon system, give the impression that larklife is an optimistic “partner” on your journey to improving health and well-being.