June Intelligent Oven

A super-powered oven that helps people cook with confidence

Ammunition partnered with June to create an intelligent countertop oven that takes the guesswork out of making flawlessly cooked meals. The ultimate sous chef, June can detect the type of food, weight, and internal temperature to recommend how to cook food perfectly. It heats up faster and with more accuracy than traditional ovens and can accommodate everything from a standard quarter baking sheet to a 12lb turkey.


The June Intelligent Oven represents a giant leap ahead in technology and engineering, but we wanted its design to be approachable and unobtrusive. We created a modern look that’s recognizable as an oven, yet more considered and refined than anything in the space. June looks at home within any kitchen environment, whether surrounded by high-tech gadgets or everyday cooking tools.

The front of the oven is made of glass, and the seamless surface makes it easy to clean, and easy to see inside. We chose to attach touch screen controls to the glass, allowing us to remove unnecessary parts from the front of the oven. This helped to keep the interior space of the oven as large as possible, giving users the ability to cook larger items like a whole chicken or a 12.5 inch pizza.

To help users cook with more confidence, we designed a knob on the front of the oven made of high quality stainless steel, giving it the feel of high-end audio equipment. It’s a simple analog touch that gives more immediate precision and control over temperature and time rather than needing to use the touch screen.