Renewing a brand through strong, clear simplicity

Ammunition designed a new corporate identity for FICO™, the leader in analytics and decision management technology, whose products and services include the FICO® Score, the leading measure of consumer credit risk in the U.S. The new logotype reflects a simplification of the corporate identity from Fair Isaac Corporation to FICO™, the name by which the company is commonly known. The change reinforces the company’s long-standing commitment to helping its clients manage risk, fraud, accounts and other critical functions, as well as empowering consumers to take control of their credit health.

Brand Identity

The team developed a bold, uppercase logotype that asserts leadership and strength, underscoring FICO’s position as the de facto standard in credit scoring and decision management. The original typeface was crafted to maximize legibility at all sizes, and to act as a simpler aid to memory than the more complex pre-existing identity.