Erica Tanov & Todd Hido

An Artful Collaboration

To commemorate fashion designer Erica Tanov’s 25th anniversary, she and renowned art photographer Todd Hido collaborated on a photo series to highlight creations from her clothing and accessory archives. The series exemplifies Hido’s signature narrative approach in both his earlier work, which often featured ghostly night scenes and landscapes, and his recent portrait work, which conveys a cinematic, emotional feel. Ammunition collaborated with Tanov and Hido to create the event’s visual identity, storytelling through the selection and sequencing of the images, and the limited edition publication.


Deciding whose name goes first in any collaboration is difficult. The typographic identity we created cleverly weaves together Todd and Erica’s name, evoking a true spirit of integration. The typographic style is a hybrid of sans serif and serif, fusing the different styles of Erica’s and Todd’s own visual brand identities.

There was a natural divide in the emotional charge of Hido’s images. Some of the portraits portray the girls as pure and angelic, while others evoke a sense of troubled vulnerability. The final sequence embraced this tension, leading to the thematic narrative of a loss of innocence — exemplified by the shift in mood from light to dark half way through the publication.