Dear North

The taste of pure Alaska

Dear North is an Alaska Native Company creating sustainably-produced food products that represent the best of what Alaska has to offer. Ammunition worked alongside the Dear North team to develop a new consumer brand that embodies the richness, abundance and unexpected qualities of Alaska in a thoughtful and beautiful way. Dear North’s initial products include Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon and Alaska Salmon Bites and invite people to share in the Alaskan way of life.


Moving away from the usual “man vs. wild” clichés normally associated with Alaska, the brand is inspired by the purpose and cultural values of the Huna Totem Corporation, Dear North’s parent company and an organization owned by Alaska Natives with roots in Glacier Bay stretching back 10,000 years.

Brand Identity + Packaging


A salutation to Alaska’s neighbors in the “Lower 48,” the Dear North name communicates and respects Alaskan traditions and its culture of hospitality and authenticity. The name evokes a softer, more feminine side of Alaska, helping the brand to show up in a unique, surprising way.

In creating the word mark, we blended elegant, classical typography with stenciling — an unusual pairing that reflects the majesty of the place and the craft of the people. A complement to the word mark and a stamp of origin, the Dear North seal has the Alaska Harebell at its center—a less conventional symbol for the brand that avoids touristic clichés. The color palette for Dear North’s visual identity is drawn from the Alaskan landscape: the sea, sky, earth, snow, stone, and its unexpectedly vibrant flora.

Dear North products are healthy, flavorful, and fresh, and we wanted these qualities to immediately come through in the packaging. Dear North Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon is jarred, based on Alaska Native traditions of preservation. We designed a simple wrap that showcases the salmon itself, while the visual brand language reflects the premium quality of the product and sets it apart on the shelf. Dear North Salmon Bites is an entirely new type of snack and a departure from traditional jerky. The Bites come in a pouch featuring beautiful photography that highlights the freshness of the salmon and the unique ingredients for each flavor variety.


Alaska is one of the most stunning and arresting places in the world. Its scale and its beauty are difficult to describe. Ammunition created images, brand and social videos designed to provoke the senses and capture the texture of Alaska in a compelling way through its people, food, traditions and environment.