A bank in your pocket.

Branch, based in San Francisco and Nairobi, has a mission to deliver world-class financial services to emerging markets. In Kenya and Tanzania where Branch operates, credit scores don’t exist and the outdated systems of traditional banks make it nearly impossible for an average person to get a loan.


Branch saw an opportunity to change this by using data science to qualify applicants and offer them loans in a matter of minutes, right through their smartphone. We partnered with Branch to shape the company’s brand identity, and to design the app that brings those loans to the people who need them.


Branch wants to make access to financial services as fair and transparent as possible. To reflect these values, the app is designed around straightforward messages that give customers just the information they need, just when they need it. There’s no confusion around fees or how and when to repay. And a chat feature lets users ask questions directly through the app and get responses from an actual person, in seconds.


Brand Identity

Smartphone use in Africa is exploding, giving many people access to the Internet for the first time. And while mobile services are in demand, consumers are still skeptical about trusting new brands, especially when it comes to financial services. To establish Branch with a new audience, we developed a messaging platform and brand identity that gives the company a global, credible, dignified, and aspirational look and feel.