Beats EP

Simply beautiful sound

The simplest designs are often the most complex to achieve, and Beats EP is no exception. With a completely new architecture, it’s designed to be the smallest, lightest, most durable on-ear headphone in the Beats family. It’s also the most affordably priced—making beautiful, high quality design and incredible sound accessible to music lovers everywhere.


To achieve the minimal, clean look for Beats EP, we spent countless hours as a team working to reduce the number of parts and components needed. We removed the folding mechanism and introduced a fixed cable, making the ear cups smaller and lighter. Designed to be worn for hours at a time, Beats EP has a durable frame reinforced with stainless steel. The headphones can be adjusted with a vertical slider that creates a comfortable, custom-feeling fit and maintains the look of the design even when fully extended. We carefully selected materials and finishes including metal accents and anti-fingerprint coatings that elevate the premium feel of Beats EP.