Barnes & Noble NOOK HD/HD+

Designing a high-performance tablet for book lovers

To extend its leadership in the competitive e-reader and tablet market, Barnes & Noble worked in partnership with Ammunition to develop the product concept and industrial design for NOOK HD, the world’s lightest and highest-resolution 7-inch tablet and NOOK HD+, the world’s lightest full HD tablet.

2013 Red Dot

2013 IDEA
Product Finalist

2013 Spark

Both the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ were designed with reading and handheld use in mind. In particular, the smaller NOOK HD was designed specifically for single-handed use, and the form, weight, balance and concave back were all defined to support this. Integrated volume buttons on the right side, a power button on the left, and a central home icon shaped to match the NOOK’s signature “n” logo, exemplify a minimalist and uncomplicated design. Stereo speakers on the back of the unit deliver a higher-level sound, commendable for a compact, hand-held device. The result is a reasonably priced high-end e-reading and entertainment tablet that is simple, high-performance and built to last.