Al Yousuf Ribbon TV

Making high-end home theatre as easy as plugging in a TV

The Ribbon is a luxury LCD television developed for the Al Yousuf Group that delivers a new concept for fully integrated, high-performance sound. The television features center, side, and rear audio channels as well as a powerful, rear-facing subwoofer array. The goal was to create a high-value “home theater in a box” that would be simple to install and use, with audio performance rivaling multi-part systems. The challenge was to create an elegant design to integrate this complex system into a  streamlined piece of entertainment art.


The name “Ribbon” comes from the iconic aluminum ribbon encircling the screen. The dramatic 90-degree turns of the “ribbon” were derived from the angled planes required to house the directional and audio drivers. Connecting them inspired the distinctive, and wholly functional, ribbon-like frame.